Some of our software



Medical real time consult

Medistream is a safe system to allow real time consult for the patient.





Safe and certified medical prescription management

Medipal is a safe system to send the prescription to your patient based on security channels.



Webinar - Nowscience

Bidirectional platform for video conference

Interactive tutoring at a new level

Live video HD • Slide • vote • shared board

Avalilable on browser, no APP to install



ECG LAB System

Educational system with integrated ECG report


We try to go beyond the ruler, the graph paper and the magnifying glass, instruments that have been always the same for more than 100 years. Our purpose is the one of bringing the understanding of electrocardiogram - often underestimated - into the XXI century, thanks to the employment of the most advanced technology.

Electrocardiograms are tracked on HD touch screen monitor, are measured and understood in a more accurate way. It is easier and faster as well, thanks to a database with hundreds of casis always updated and updatable and also to interactive tools like caliper, calculators and image zoom.

Classrooms preparation for 10 to 30 complete positions in 24 hours!



Allconn FAD 2.0

Contatto Web Educational System

Learning instruments used by CONTATTO WEB EDUCATIONAL system can make you approach educational contents easily and intuitively because the use of those contents is carried out by common-use didactic aids like video-lessons, slides, video animations. You can access all of it by selecting the voice “Teaching rooms” from the main menu. You are given the possibility to download the whole course into your PC in MP4 and PDF files, for the users who cannot work online.

Learning test takes place in an automated way. It has been made up a real time matching system, so the answers given by the user are matched with the correct answers the system has. With its help the final user can evaluate his learning status. If the test is not passed, you have the chance to do it again. The administration of your own credentials is very simple, but - when needed - support staff can help the user if he finds any kind of technical difficulty.



MIA Organizer

Medical Information App

Application that has as a target general practitioners and scientific rep to avoid long waits in health centres and to speed up appointments, as well.

The scientific rep may take a free slot of time from the calendar of the doctor based on the availability given by the doctor himself, so efficiency is highly improved, the waits for both scientific rep and patients.




New way of questioning

Innovative system to ask questions or make comments anonymously in a conference.

The system allows all the learners to ask questions in anonymous and confidential way. Moderators will see the questions available to the m appearing on a screen, so they will be able to decide which questions they will have to ask to the lecturers.

Learners who are not physically at the congress, but are watching it in streaming, will have the opportunity to participate in real time by inserting questions and comments.

Easy: Simple and intuitive interface
Instant: You don't install it, you use it
Actual: Loose of expression while respecting privacy




The First Smart Personal Assistant for conference and meetings

MEET APP features:
  • - Calendar with events and interactive notices
  • - “2Clic” subscription to a chosen Course or Congress
  • - Logistic helper
  • - Time-split daily program with interactive remarks
  • - GPS-based interactive map providing details for every meeting point
  • - Direct link to telephone and/or data assistance
  • - Special Ticket for particular assistance (food allergies, disabilities, special transfer requirements, etc.)
  • - Remote access to the conference via Live Streaming
  • - Immediate access to video and slides
  • - The possibility of participating to the televoting either being present or long-distance




System for studying clinical cases

Software created to simulate one or more clinical cases

The system allows the visualization of the clinical history of the patient, so the doctor can base on it to formulate diagnostic hypothesis and to simulate exams, as well.

Depending on the choices done, the software shows up some results. They are followed by a diagnosis hypothesis and a therapy is given to the patient. It is all under the monitoring of “Dr. Help”, virtual tutor whose purpose is to help the learner during the studies.




Synergy Project

A new communication method between doctors and specialists.

The system creates a communication network between the doctors group and the Specialist, the discussion and the examination of practical clinical cases has been made possible.

All the members of the group can share among themselves a patient card, they will also have a synchronization instrument (shared calendar).


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