DevelopSoftware& App

The team

Passion, dedication, innovation.

The team of Contatto S.r.l. offers its professionality and experience in developing web oriented applications. The team of engineers, made up of experts in software development and visual communication, has an outstanding experience in the field of creation and development of e-learning platforms, social dedicated, cloud based and App.

Graphic Design

Concerning the development of web-based application, we try to improve the user utilization by offering a software based on a central server, used by the client via browser. This grants the highest versatility because you can log in to the system and use the services from any device with a browser and an internet connection. Updates and maintenance are done on the server side, so everyone can have the latest version of the software with no further installation.

Mobile App

Since the utilization and diffusion of mobile devices keep growing, the development of Mobile software is in high ascent. Thanks to the versatility of our products and to our informatic team, we can create App to bring market needs closer. It can work on any device and OS.

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